September 14, 2015

Ian Rooney

Ian Rooney has a background in education; he is an experienced trainer, team facilitator, and a leading expert in the field of continuous improvement.

Ian has been involved with quality systems and implementing continuous improvement programs since the late 1970s. He has experience working with a range of industries including automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, mining, packaging, and transport helping with their continuous improvement efforts. Ian’s focus is to ensure teams develop a set of skills and competencies that drive genuine, cost effective, and sustainable improvements. He regularly presents seminars on continuous improvement, statistical process control, measurement systems analysis, design of experiments, and related methods for achieving measurable improvement.

Ian’s involvement with the Business Process Framework (BPF) began in 2001. BPF is a proprietary management approach developed by McAlear Management Consultants, a control system to optimise processes that has a proven track record of success.



From 2010, he worked with AngloGold Ashanti helping with the roll out of the Business Process Framework (BPF), in particular, the continuous improvement segment of this initiative. In 2014 he began work with Anglo American assisting with the implementation of the Measures as well as the Analyse and Improve components of the BPF.

Ian’s approach to training and facilitation is practical and ‘down to earth’, in the belief that people learn best when they can relate theory to what they experience in the real world. He is a gifted teacher who has the ability to break complex topics down into understandable segments and communicate them effectively to people at all levels.