September 17, 2015

Process Improvement

The BPF operates under the assumption that if we do the Right Work at the Right Time in the Right Way, then we stand a far better chance of achieving our targets.

Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?  It even sounds simple! 

So why can it be so difficult to achieve what we set out to do, whether it be in a business or in anything else we do in life? 

If we explore this statement a little further, we quickly realize that it actually raises a whole host of new questions that we need to be able to answer, such as 

What is the Right Work?

When is the right time to do it?

How do we know we are working the Right Way?

How do we know when we have achieved our Target?

Do we even have a Target?

The BPF addresses all these questions in your operation in a systematic and logical approach.  Want to know more? Contact the Team!