SAP Success

The key to success in SAP? Simple, perfect your process first, then conform the application space to it. Check out SAP mining solutions here.


I said “Simple” not “Easy”. Tremendous difference. In fact, I would venture to say that simplicity, real simplicity is actually more difficult to arrive at than complexity. Complexity is easy because you get to leave all of these undone ends that lend themselves to the complexity. Simplicity requires that you iron out every detail to[…]

Metrics Magic

The real “magic” to the metrics that we apply within the Business Process Framework stems from our constant efforts to keep things as simple, yet structured as we possibly can. In that regard, when we review the output of our efforts, we are primarily interested in the following; What work was Scheduled AND Completed? What[…]


Very simple concept to convey, but one of the most difficult to get right. Leadership is the ability to demonstrate a desired behavior in practice, and then empower your team to do the same.

What is the BPF?

The BPF is a business framework that ensures that an operation will sustainably deliver the business expectations. It was first conceived by Mick McAlear over 25 years ago and has been progressively implemented in mining and other heavy industries over that time to improve and optimize performance. Now has been launched to offer these[…]