Weekly? Monthly? Twice a year? Annual Review? How often should leadership offer guidance to employees? – How about every single opportunity that presents itself? “You’re doing well.” “Let’s work on these areas.” “Our department is headed in this direction.” Constantly shaping team members through effective communication is the only true method for ensuring that they[…]

Communication 101

It happens at more organizations than we can count, lack of effective communication. To be more precise – “Communication” whittled down to a system alert or an automated email. Effective communication makes up about 80% of the “secret ingredient” to any successful organization. Systems break down, Emails go unread, and buzzing or beeping is quickly[…]

Silo Approach

The Silo approach to work management has long been held (even subconsciously in some cases) as a valid method. Valid with one caveat… it doesn’t work. A process or work “Silo” or “Empire” is a sure-fire way to set your company up for failure. When the Silo owner leaves for a day, a week, or[…]

Three Things

Three Things – Employees want to know three things from an employer; 1. What do you want me to do? 2. How am I doing? 3. What’s my future? If you can answer these things, you have the foundation for an engaged workforce. If you can make the answers to these three questions part of[…]